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Where should you place your Alpharetta home security cameras?

March 14, 2022

Where should you place your home security cameras in Alpharetta? Simply look for the most significant points that need an accurate perspective of any suspicious behavior. Start at your main entryway and then add cameras to the outdoor zones that don't have windows. And don’t forget to implement devices in inside hallways and rooms.

Here are some simple suggestions on where you should place your home security cameras in Alpharetta.

Use A Video Doorbell At The Main Entrance

As you think about the potential threats that might cause trouble for your house, an intruder or package pilferer might be at the top of the list. You might be surprised, but research shows that over 1/3rd of home invasions happen through the front door. Of course, ensuring you always lock your door is a good way to reduce the likelihood of an invasion, but it's also nice to keep a view of your front door.

Smart doorbells utilize high-def video streams so you are able to get a detailed perspective of your entry around the clock. If anyone approaches your door or the front porch, the cameras will start video recording and send alerts to your smartphone. You may also speak with visitors using the 2-way audio function through your home security app. For added protection, you may have your smart lighting in your hall or foyer automatically come on to look like you’re home when you are actually away.

Watch Windowless Areas With Outdoor Cameras

Dead spots are highly recommended spots to place your home security cameras in Alpharetta. Luckily, modern exterior cameras are wireless and small. Since you can put them almost anywhere, you can capture a clear perspective of areas not visible from windows, like the perimeter around your garage -- particularly if your property has a detached one.

Some other dead spaces found at your property could include:

  • Back corners not facing a road
  • Hiding spots near a chimney or deck overhang
  • Entrance to a cellar or an egress window into your basement
  • Barns or any other structure

As you install exterior cameras, make sure you have a clear vantage point. This could involve trimming any landscaping that could block your vision.

Where To Place Your Inside Cameras In Alpharetta

Inside your house, you have a great deal of options for placing your indoor surveillance. These components blend well with your decor and will stay on shelving, bookcases, or countertops. If a sudden or unusual motion takes place overnight or when you're away, you'll be sent a smartphone warning accompanied by a video segment.

The preferred spots for interior video cameras are major walkways and areas with expensive electronics or artwork. Living or family rooms seem to have the bulk of camera installs in Alpharetta. Your main and upper level walkways are good choices as well -- especially to oversee passages out of your house in the occurrence of emergencies like fires or floods. Home offices are getting more in demand as well, as remote work has increased.

Request Home Security Cameras With A Smart Home Package

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